Get a Library Card

Get A Library Card

Every Maricopa County resident, business owner, or property owner and resident of the Town of Queen Creek is eligible for a free library card from Maricopa County Library District. If you are an Adult (18+) who resides in these areas, you may apply for a library card using the form below. If you are under the age of 18, or live outside of these boundaries, you will need to visit or contact us to register for your library account.

Register for a Library Card

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All library cards must be renewed every year. After your request is submitted, we will get back to you within two business days to let you know your card has been renewed, or if we need more information.

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There are a few options available for those under 18 years old. Find out more about student and child cards!

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You must live, own a business or own property in Maricopa County or the Town of Queen Creek to get a free library card. Otherwise, you may purchase a card for $50.00 for 1 year, or $25 for 6 months. To begin this process, email us at